Excavation Services in Greenville, PA

Coblentz Excavating provides resurfacing installation, and excavation solutions for residential and commercial clients in the Greenville, PA, area. My services include a methodical process to evaluate your driveway before starting the resurfacing, installation, or excavation project. We are excavation contractors specializing in the following services:

  • New or resurfacing driveways
  • Water and drain lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Electrical lines
  • Building sites


My process starts with planning the driveway. This includes planning the path that the driveway will follow if a new path has to be created. In addition, I will look for potential problem areas that could cause puddles to form when it rains or may flood your home in a heavy downpour and determine how these problem areas will be addressed.

Measuring Dimensions

This is a crucial step if you decide to lay pavers and is often overlooked. The reason that I measure the dimensions of the driveway is to ensure that I won’t overspend on pavers, as they are often sold per square foot. Ideally, you want to have at least 10% more than you actually require.

Excavating Driveways

I am a qualified excavator with nearly three decades of experience. This step involves me removing any debris from the surface of your driveway before I can proceed to either lay the pavers or the foundation for your new driveway.

Base Material, Sand Bedding, and Sealing

Throughout the next few steps, I prepare the ground material before laying the sand bedding and finishing off by sealing the driveway.

Whether you are in the market for a new driveway or simply to resurface your existing driveway, I can help you to realize your vision for the perfect driveway. I have experience in sewer line repair and replacement, water and drain line repair and replacement, as well as electrical line repair and replacement.

Contact us today at (724) 699-3315 about your driveway resurfacing or repair services. We offer free estimations and consultations prior to doing any work. We are the specialists you can trust and rely on for outstanding workmanship and superior customer service.

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